Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt


Object: Synergy
Location: Platz der Einheit
District: Bockenheim
Artist: Herdeg, Christian
Technique: Two metal circles, argon
Date: 1997
Driving along Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage towards Messe one passes on the left the "Platz der Einheit". Between the twin-towers Kastor, shaped like a disc, and Pollux, resembling a tower, stands the light-sculpture "Synergy". Like the sons of Zeus who were never apart, and allowed to spend their days on Mount Olympus and their nights in Hades, the two light-sculptures created by Christian Herdeg in 1997 lean against each other and are inseparable. The piece is a light installation consisting of clear transparent acrylic tubes with a diameter of 14 metres each, with red and blue argon rods. At night, electricity makes the argon glow which creates an atmosphere of enchantment on the square with its cool and warm light.