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Stele Mainufer

Object: Stele Mainufer
Location: Schaumainkai
District: Sachsenhausen
Artist: Rückriem, Ulrich
Technique: Light-grey Finnish granite
Date: 1984
Occasion: Erected in 1984 as part of a larger exhibition of works by the artist at the Städel Museum.
Since a large exhibition of works by the sculptor Ulrich Rückriem in 1984, the 10 metre-tall "Stele" has stood in front of the main building of the Städel Museum on a lawn by the bank of the river Main. It echoes the central axis of the building [where the cabinets displaying modern art are housed]. Rückriem's sculpture is thus connected to the modern masters in the museum behind it. The work is a monolith of light-grey Finnish granite divided into five parts and shaped in the round. Only its three-dimensional design and the drill-marks give away the artist. In its stark verticality the sculpture corresponds to the skyline of the skyscrapers on the opposite bank of the river. Due to its impressive scale and simplicity the stele has become a trademark of the "Museumsufer" (museum bank).