Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Redbrick sculpture

Object: Redbrick sculpture
Location: Adickesallee
District: Nordend
Artist: Kirkeby, Per
Technique: Redbrick
Date: 1996
Occasion: Inaugurated at the opening of Deutsche Bibliothek (German National Library). Shields the building from the traffic on Alleenring.
Danish sculptor Per Kirkeby created this "brick sculpture" in 1996 in front of the new German National Library in Frankfurt's Nordend district. It measures 37,5 m in length and 17,5 m in width. The work has a height of 5 m. The monumental, walk-in sculpture is made of red bricks and constructed out of individual cubes measuring 2,50 x 2,50 x 2,50 m. The cubes stand in a row, either open or fitted with a lintel, and are open at the top. Looking in through one of the entrances, one nevertheless perceives the sculpture was an enclosed space. The sculpture's monumental size immediately evokes sacred spaces and churches in the "redbrick Gothic"-style so typical of northern countries and cities of the Hanseatic League.