Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Open Cubes

Object: Open Cubes
Location: Gallus-Anlage
District: City centre
Artist: Sol LeWitt
Technique: Square aluminium pipes, white paint
Date: 1991
In front of Dresdner Bank, at No. 7 Gallus-Anlage, American sculptor and painter Sol LeWitt created the space-sculpture "Open Cubes" (1991) in the style of "minimal art". It consists of seven open cubes measuring 262,50 x 1687,50 x 381,25 cm. The sculpture is constructed out of square aluminium pipes painted white. The series of seven open cubes every other of which is set back from the row, works on a simple, reduced formal pattern: each cube is composed of six congruent squares. From 1965 onwards Sol LeWitt produced works constructed out of modular units which he connected to form grid-like patterns or cubes. These grid-like constructions consisting of painted steel-bars or his cage-like forms are open or fully-enclosed cubes of painted steel. Sol LeWitt is a proponent of "minimal art". He is known for concepts such as structure, pattern, grid, system or mathematics.