Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Inverted Collar and Tie

Object: Inverted Collar and Tie
Location: Mainzer Landstraße
District: City centre
Artist: Oldenburg, Claes
Technique: Steel, fiber-glass, synthetic resin
Date: 1994
On Mainzer Landstrasse, in front of the DZ-Bank building has stood the sculpture "Inverted Collar and Tie" by Claes Oldenburg since 1994. The artist often focuses on everyday objects in his work, as abstractions or put into a different context. Like an imaginary gust of wind between the skyscrapers lifting up people's ties, the sculpture "Inverted Tie and Collar" stands 12 metres tall. The symbolic gust of wind stands for impetus, i.e. for dynamism and making progress. The sculpture is also an ironic take on the stereotypical outfit of bankers. In our society the suit and tie represent dynamism, professionalism and success. This symbol for executives in its exaggerated size isn't without irony; many a bank employee going to work in the morning will probably recognize himself in it.