Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Four Rectangles Obliques

Object: Four Rectangles Obliques
Location: Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University
District: Bockenheim
Artist: Rickey, George
Technique: Stainless steel
Date: 1984
Occasion: Erected 1985.
In order to make the campus of Frankfurt's Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University more attractive, the county of Hesse bought George Rickey's freestanding sculpture "Four Rectangles Obliques" made in 1984 and inaugurated in 1985. At a height of 5 metres sit four rectangles set at oblique angles made of thin, brushed stainless steel. Resting, they form a square standing on one corner. In contrast to the kinetic objects of Marcel Duchamps or Jean Tinguely, Rickey's fragile kinetic sculpture does not move by mechanics. Inspired by the "mobiles" of American engineer and sculptor Alexander Calder, the artist arranges the geometric shapes of his sculptures in such a way as to allow them to move freely in the wind. This creates different patterns of light and movement as the metal surfaces reflect the light.