Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Figure Sandgasse

Object: Figure Sandgasse
Location: Sandgasse
District: City centre
Artist: Steinbrenner, Hans
Technique: Originally made of wood (plane tree wood), since 2002 bronze
Date: 1961
Occasion: Erected in 1980
The "Figure" by sculptor Hans Steinbrenner has stood in Sandgasse since 1980. It was originally an abstract sculpture composed of organic shapes. Steinbrenner created it in 1961 out of the trunk of a plane tree. When the wood started to become weather-worn, the City of Frankfurt had a bronze-cast made, which replaced the original in 2002. Steinbrenner defines the work as belonging to his middle phase, on the cusp of the third. His early works of the 1950s were figurative; they were naturalistic, volumetric pieces. He then turned towards abstraction, and from around 1960 his work concentrated on cubic volumes, frontally and orthogonally arranged.