Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Circle of statues

Object: Circle of statues
Location: Rothschildpark
District: Westend
Artist: Kolbe, Georg
Technique: 7 bronze figures and 14 granite pylons
Date: 1954
Walking from Alte Oper through Rothschildpark towards the Westend, one passes a group of sculptures arranged in a circle. The seven larger than life-sized statues belong to Georg Kolbe's late work. Their classical shapes give the figures a subtle and harmonious feel. Six of the statues were completed by Kolbe himself, "The Guardian", "The Young Woman", "The Amazon", "The Chosen One", "Young Man Descending" and "Young Man Standing". The sculpture of "The Brooding One" was completed by Richard Scheibe, professor at the Städel School of Art from 1925 until 1935. The 14 flanking pylons lend each statue an air of sublimity. The statues were commissioned in 1941 and erected after Kolbe's death in 1954.