Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Frankfurt

Bull and bear

Object: Bull and bear
Location: Börsenplatz
District: City centre
Artist: Dachlauer, Reinhard
Technique: Bronze
Date: 1985
Occasion: Erected on 6 October 1988 on the re-designed eastern part of Börsenplatz and donated to the city council.
In front of the stock exchange stand these two characters symbolising the financial market, the bull and bear. They universally stand for the French-derived terms "hausse" and "baisse" and thus for the rise and fall of stock market prices. The bull in its upright stance is meant to suggest initiative and optimism, the bear stands for the opposite. In its crouching stance it is clearly set apart from the bull and symbolizes recession on the stock market. Bull and bear are emblems of the financial centre Germany. The bronze was donated by the stock exchange on the occasion of the celebration of its 400th anniversary. It was erected shortly before the renovation of the stock exchange was completed in October 1988.